Get to know Laura..

Growing up on a large family farm, Laura learned early on the importance of teamwork, making every dollar count, that relationships are more important than the sell and that and that above all else family is all that matters. This philosophy is what created Laura’s desire to help small businesses succeed, helping families succeed, providing the self-starters with the tools needed to build their future. This is the foundation of Laura Kirk Marketing and BrandWork.

A note from Laura…

Businesses’ should be able to affordably build their brand and have a marketing plan that is easy to execute. My goal is to work with YOU, the self-starter, entrepreneur and small business owner, to develop or re-evaluate your current brand and build a strategy that will move you toward your goal and make you more money. I want to personalize a plan for you, because not every business is the same, not every customer is the same, and not every budget is the same, let’s find what works for you.