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Humans are created to seek out those that others that we connect to have a similar quality, beliefs and ideas. Terms like "Find your Tribe" or "Part of a pack" are often used, because we ALL want to belong.  We want to connect with people – not products or services. By building a primary personality, it becomes easy to create messaging with your authentic voice. Your audience begins to recognize and identify with your brand personality and will understand what you stand for through business and a brand. 
A brand is so much more than logos and fonts. It is how you express yourself, the message you put out the world and will help you shape your strategy to build the future you desire. The FIRST and most crucial step in this process is knowing who you are. By figuring out what your brand  archetype (personality), you start to create your first powerful tool in building a timeless brand image.  

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Why I started online workshops...

Why did I create the workshop you ask? For many years I have been offering these same takeaways in my one-on-one consulting sessions for a whopping $5,000. Being an entrepreneur myself, and very budget conscious, I knew that the people I truly want to help can’t swing that big price tag. We are out there hustling every day to make our dreams happen! So I got the idea to create a series of workshops where we can all meet up and work together, learning from my expertise and from each other's experiences.

For real, no catch or tricks, you get the same great tools but for a fraction of the cost. Why? Because my vision is to help small businesses build BIG brands on a budget that won't break the bank. 

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