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Do you ever feel...

Tired of putting off your brand and marketing strategy because you are busy building your product? 

Growing pains because your business has outgrown your current brand messaging?

Like you have to pay a big name agency to help you build your brand?

Unsecure about setting your goals and how to build a brand that will continue to support those goals? 


Let's get real.

Don’t let uncertantanty stop you! How awesome will it feel to know you have the tools you need in your brand and marketing tool kit so that you wake up every day excited to build your product and know you are building and marketing to the right audience? To know right away you are going to kick-ass today because you have a clear vision of your goals and a plan to meet them! The fact know your brand better than anyone, you just need a roadmap to build a brand that shows off who YOU are! 


The BrandWork Branding Workshops and Resources are formulated to build the toolkit you need to build your business, set clear goals, sell to the right audience, close the deal and make you money! Membership is designed to provide you the resources you need to build your brand and your business, you will gain confidence, a strategy and an amazing group of other entrepreneurs where you share the same goals and hustle, helping one another and help each other grow.

Are you ready to have clarity about your goals and start making more money?

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Who has time for the BrandWork Membership? 

Um, you do! And it's all at your own pace. I break everything down into small bite-size portions so you can literally work it into your crazy day! 

Don't miss:

  • Being a part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Opportunity for private one-on-one coaching

  • Access to ALL materials and courses

Off-the-hook deliverables (just a few anyway):

Find your brand personality

Identify your top 3 brand values/core values

Discover one to three strong audience segments

Group work sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions (in the beta membership)

Facebook Private Group access

A clear vision for the next steps

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Why I started the member platform...

Why did I create the member platform with all these awesome workshops, one-on-one sessions, resources and a ton of other cool stuff,  you may ask? For many years I have been offering these same takeaways in my one-on-one consulting sessions for a whopping $5,000. Being an entrepreneur myself, and very budget conscious, I knew that the people I truly want to help can’t swing that big price tag. We are out there hustling every day to make our dreams happen! So I got the idea to create a workshop where we can all meet up and work together, learning from my expertise and from each other's experiences. And I was able to make it affordable for everyone this way, just $485!!! 

For real, no catch or tricks, you get the same great tools but for a fraction of the cost. Why? Because my vision is to help small businesses build BIG brands on a budget that won't break the bank. 


Resource Library

Then, I wanted to take it a step further. I have ten years of experience working with excellent designers, developers, social media experts, and content creatures. I have worked with these professionals on projects from smaller businesses to some of the countries largest tourism clients. These creatives ROCK! So I want to share their awesomeness with you! I have created a referral network that will help you go to the next step and continue building your brand after our course work together. Of course, I would love for you to jump on board for my other courses as well, but first, let me prove to you that you can do it and I can help! 

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Just so you know, I am scared to death to offer my first online workshop. I have been doing in-person brand workshops and coaching for years, so why is this different? Because I know how important every dollar you make is to you and that you have to spend it on something that will benefit your business. That is why I will go above and beyond to help you! I have a habit of making my clients my friends, and I don't want to let my friends down.