Kidsource Therapy

After completing their new logo design and client surveys, Kidsource was ready to complete their rebrand process, define their audience messaging and build a launch strategy to educate their team, referral sources and most of all clients. 

With special events, social outreach, and a strategic digital plan, our goal will be to build a strong brand reputation, community presence and digital footprint that will convert our audience from interest to qualified leads and to an increased client base.

Brand Values

Kidsource needed new brand values, Characteristics that are authentic and represent who they are and their beliefs for each child and family. 


Your childs best therapy happens at home

All kiddos should feel included

Healthy families make healthy children


In order to convey their message and educate their families, Kidsource needed a new website that focuses on providing resources and educational information. 


Cross-content Linking

Detailed Events Listing

Parent Resources


Email Marketing

In the past, Kidsource Therapy did not integrate email into their strategy for marketing or for client information. We developed a strategy to connect with their clients, updating them on upcoming events, new resources and more. We also developed a strategy to support the non-profit arm of Kidsource, Kidsource Kids.


Email Campaign, with retargeting (drip)

Content Calendar

Integration with other digital channels

"Laura was able to come in and help us set goals and prioritize our marketing efforts. By working with Laura, we were able to build a multi-channel marketing strategy that supports our values and will continue to support our families. I have confidently recommended her to several other business owners."

~ Penny Jester, M.ED., Director

Let's Work Together! 

Businesses’ should be able to affordably build their brand and have a marketing plan that is easy to execute. My goal is to work with YOU, the self-starter, entrepreneur and small business owner, to develop or re-evaluate your current brand and build a strategy that will move you toward your goal and make you more money. I want to personalize a plan for you, because not every business is the same, not every customer is the same, and not every budget is the same, let’s find what works for you.


As a start-up or small business sometimes you are your entire team, or you may need coaching to help guide the rest of your team. Whatever the reason, together we build your strategy using the same tactics as a larger team meeting, but you have the opportunity to get more in-depth coaching and personal training to build your brand.

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Team Workshops

It is awesome to have a tribe that has the same beliefs and goals that you do! So include them in setting goals and building the strategies to make you all wildly successful. These larger team workshops are amazing, to have all that creativity in the room creates awesome energy for your brand building!


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